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Cotton: Carters Meadow

Carters Meadow

A beautiful wild flower meadow on the edge of the village of Cotton in the heart of rural Suffolk. Given to the village around the turn of the millennium; it was a four acre site that they have worked on as a community over the last dozen or so years and turned into a stunning beauty spot.

They get together a working party each month to maintain pathways etc in between large areas of a plethora of wild-flowers, many of which have been planted and nurtured.

Carters meadow has some cracking little areas that have been really well though out, providing areas of flora and fauna, as well as amazing spots for critters to inhabit the place in completely natural surroundings, particularly down by the little pond.

I was shown around by Andrew Stringer, village resident, local councillor and one of the working party. We found a number newts, toads and frogs whilst peering under rocks and logs.

A great feature as you walk in is their ‘henge’ structure made from an old oak tree. It is literally a large section of an old oak that has been sliced into 8 segments and then set in concrete in a circle, effectively just opening out the segments, in order. It’s a fabulous sight and great to walk in and out of.

Keen to recycle, they removed the old village bus stop when it was being replaced and resurrected it in the meadow, using it as a shelter/information point. 

As you head to Cotton, north of Stowmarket, look for Carter’s Meadow – It’s not hard to find and it is open for all to enjoy!

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