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A Guide to Shopping The Best of Suffolk This Summer

In addition to offering some of the best places to eat and drink, Suffolk also provides a host of options when it comes to indulging in a bit of retail therapy in the summertime. From known brands to boutique and vintage sellers, as well as markets and pop-ups, there truly is something for everyone looking to treat themselves or others. Providing you with all of the knowledge you need to get out and enjoy the best the county has to offer, we’ve rounded up a short guide to the best places to shop in Suffolk this summer. 

Stonham Barns

Quite literally on our doorstep, Stonham Barns is a shopping village that brings together florists, an antique emporium, a boutique clothing retailer, a candlemaker, an interior design outlet, a garden products shop and even a collectables store. I think we covered everything, but you’d have to visit for yourself to make sure that you find all of the hidden gems available at this village. Oh, and it also has a golf course for those more interested in that sort of thing.

Bury St Edmunds

Confidently dubbing itself a “jewel in the crown of Suffolk”, Bury St Edmunds is an ideal place to pick up some treats in summer. Whether it’s vintage fashion from the outlet in the buttermarket or menswear at Gerald Boughton, shopping in Bury this summer promises to make for a great couples’ day out. How could it not be, when you consider all of the great places to eat and drink along the way?   

Baythorne Hall

Another “one of a kind” shopping experience that we’re proud to have in Suffolk is Baythorne Hall. Something of an experiment in the very format of shopping, Baythorne Hall brings together a wine merchant, a farm shop, an antiques dealer, a garden shop and a butchery. Whilst this might sound like the beginning to a decidedly elaborate joke, it is in fact the perfect distillation of the many great things about Suffolk. With a cafe on hand to serve up refreshments between shopping sprees, we’d certainly recommend the trip when visiting us in summer.

The Courtyard 

Located just outside of Thetford Forest, the Courtyard in Elveden is a shopper’s paradise for anyone seeking out some authentic countryside treats. Complete with its own restaurant, the Courtyard features a farm shop as well as a home and gardenware shop. Whether it’s a small addition or a larger piece of furniture, we’re sure that you’ll find something truly unique when browsing the courtyard this summer.  


It would be remiss of us to produce a guide to shopping in Suffolk this summer and fail to mention all of the great things that can be picked up in the nearby town of Ipswich. From the high end luxury pieces available from Tessuti, to the range of quirky indie stores and countless great places to eat and drink, we’re pretty confident in Ipswich’s ability to create an exciting shopping experience. 

If you’re feeling suitably up for some shopping, why not check the availability of our Barns and Barges for rent to discover how you can enjoy some retail therapy this summer alongside some truly great rest and relaxation.

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