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Stowmarket: Mickfield Meadow

Mickfield Meadow Suffolk

Mickfield Meadow is a stunning hay meadow with a beautiful array wildflowers, many of which are now scarce in Suffolk. The meadow is managed by the Suffolk Wildlife Trust and the best time to visit it between April-June, just before the hay is cut and grazed during summer. 

This meadow is of great botanical interest, and the Suffolk Wildlife Trust website advises that you can usually see here goldilocks buttercups, and in the wetter areas marshland flowers like ragged-robin, meadowsweet and the beautiful snake’s head fritillary – one of only four sites in Suffolk where it can still be found.

The boundary hedges are maintained by the traditional method of coppicing. This involves periodically cutting sections to the ground, which encourages re growth and creates a long living, dense hedge that is great for wildlife.

Dogs are welcome here on leads.

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