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Baylham Rare Breeds Centre

Baylham Rare Breeds

A working rare breeds farm – Great for little kids and big kids!

Baylham House Farm is acres and acres of Suffolk farmland, owned by the Storer family, who are passionate about breeding traditional varieties of farm animals to protect them against the detrimental effect of commercial pressures on the industry

The animals have a natural, stress-free habitat and great living conditions, which is so evident just wandering round the place

As at Spring 2014 it’s £6 for adults to get in, £3 for kids and £5 for concessions. You do get the real sense that the money is ploughed straight back in to the running of the farm. It’s a family-run, family-orientated farm, with a great little tea-shop at the entrance, but you don’t need to take kids with you to fit in! We went during the summer, as two big kids and had a fantastic time in Suffolk in 2006, 2007 and 2010 and runners up in 2008 & 2009, so they have to be worth checking out whilst you are here