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The History of Adnams Brewery

Suffolk has many things to be proud of. From saints to famous songwriters and everything in between, it’s fair to say that the county is firmly established in the eyes of the world. On top of significant cultural contributions, however, is the equally important art of brewing that has helped secure Suffolk a leading reputation. Whether it’s the ubiquitous Greene King or one of the smaller microbreweries in the area, you’re likely to encounter the word “Suffolk” on pint glasses in pubs up and down the country.

Less than an hour from our Barns for rent in Suffolk, the Adnams brewery is one with a rich history that we felt warranted a blog of its own. Sure to whet your appetite for a cold pint and a brewery visit, the following story is certainly one of the finest chapters in Suffolk history.

The first record of brewing taking place in Southwold dates all the way back to 1345. And for a rather interesting reason. Charged by the manorial court – the court of law that was active during this century- for serving illegal measures, Johanna de Corby of Southwold was the first to put the seaside town on the map for its brewing capabilities.

In 1880, records show that Tally Ho was first brewed in Southwold – a pint that Adnams still brews to this day, in addition to a wealth of other historic recipes. Ten years later, the brewery was officially established and remains in the same part of Southwold to this day, still as proudly independent as it was back then.

In 1943, an air raid brought down nearby Morgan’s brewery, which supplied Adnams with the yeast necessary to produce their increasingly popular pints. Turning disaster into opportunity, Adnams adapted to create their own dual strain of yeast which is essential for the production of their iconic pints.

Fast forward to 1987 and Adnams had launched their first store, offering top quality kitchenware and wines, a venture that would continue well up to the present day!
In the 21st century, Adnams has earned multiple awards for sustainable development, brewed the UK’s first carbon-neutral beer (East Green, if you’re curious!), and broadened their offering to vodka, gin and non-alcoholic tipples.  

In 2023, Adnams is behind some seriously successful brews and has a number of stores across Suffolk for visitors to pick up gifts during their holiday in Suffolk. Of course, it would be foolish of us not to suggest a tour of the brewery in Southwold that’s combined with a stay at one of our Barns or Barges for rent. Why not take a look at our current availability and make a booking?

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