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Coddenham: Broom Hill Short Walk

Broom Hill Walk

This is a wonderful little woodland walk that starts from Coddenham. Having been told by a friend that there were positive sightings of millions of Snowdrops, we went in search of them…

This walk is a community project, winding through the woods from Coddenham to Hemingstone, in the heart of rural Suffolk. Many of our guests walk down to Coddenham from Wood Farm Barns as it’s only a 3 mile ‘lane walk’ from our holiday cottages.

Broom Hill short walk plaque

The walk starts opposite the Dukes Head pub, where there is a public footpath running between the houses and up to the top of Broom Hill. The sight that greets you as you go over the top is fantastic as it drops right down towards Hemingstone and Claydon, from here you can also see the grounds of Shrublands Hall! 

Following the footpath down there are several rustic benches to stop and take in the view, as well as little picnic table at one point too! This really is a well thought out and maintained project that has not spoilt the natural surroundings in any way.

Broomhill walk picnic bench

To our delight, we certainly found the Snowdrops (mid Feb) as you can see!

Broomhill walk snowdrops

As you reach the bottom of the hill, the path winds round to the right and then along the side of Hemingstone Hall, coming out on the road. Turning left and walking along the edge of the stream you are greeted by the sight of what I think is possibly the most stunning house ever! (This is still privately owned so please don’t go wandering in there!)

You can keep heading East if you want to extend your walk but we doubled back shortly after and headed back to Coddenham to the deli & coffee shop! The first thing you’ll see as you hit the village along the bottom path, is the beautiful church as you round the bend.

Broomhill walk, Coddenham church

There are a couple of great signs up telling you what you might encounter en route, such as the Small Copper Butterflies which can be found between late April and October (though they are on the decline), plus Pyramidal Orchids can be seen in June, July and August.

The Broom Hill walk itself would only take about 45 minutes to an hour, ambling along, so next time we’ll definitely go from here and make it a 7 or 8 mile round trip.

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