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Laxfield: The Kings Head (The Low House)

Kings Head taproom

Such a good pub they gave it two names! A proper old dog-friendly Suffolk Country Pub with fabulous garden. The Low House is one of the very few pubs left in Britain that has no bar-counter. You go in the tap room at the back. Beer drinkers survey the array of barrels and request whatever takes the fancy, drawn straight from the barrel! How good is that?

Before you reach the barrels, you pass through a room dominated by an ancient fireplace. Old settles, polished in parts by the backs and bottoms of the long dead, positioned in a U-shape, with a table in the middle. Another room, also called the tap room, likewise has one large table and bench seats around.

They serve delicious meals that are created using locally sourced produce, including freshly cooked bar snacks.

This is a social pub. If you want to be slightly less social you can go in the card room, which has small, separate tables and chairs, or the restaurant, but even there you may get into conversation with people to whom you have not been introduced! There is no pool table, no piped music, no coin-in-the-slot of any kind, no television large or small.

Dogs are very welcomed here, and even given a biscuit! There is a beautiful garden for dining during the summer, and they hold many events throughout the year, including  horse-drawn carriage rides!

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