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Wattisfield: Henry Watson Potteries

Henry Watson Potteries

Henry Watson’s Potteries, now this is what I call a family business, now in its 7th successive generation! They have an excellent shop at the pottery, selling their very recognisable ‘Charlotte Watson’s Country Collection’ and the ‘Original Suffolk Collection’.

You’ll have seen their products all over the country (I know, because I have) but you may not know that are all made here in sunny Suffolk. Still based in a small pottery on the A143 Bury to Diss road, they typify traditional Suffolk kitchenware as well as having evolved into more contemporary styles now too.

They make everything you’ll need in kitchen ceramics and terracotta, such as crocks, jars, teapots, clocks and other storage containers, as well as a huge range of homeware decorative items & gifts. You’ll recognise them as soon as you see them.

 They make great gifts (most come gift-boxed) as well as practical stuff for your own home. I’ve had a few bits and pieces for many years now, as I’m sure most Suffolk homes have!

They have an intriguing Red Brick ‘Downdraft’ Kiln, which is no longer in use since an unfortunate fire in the 60’s destroying the whole factory. They rebuilt it without the need for the kiln, installing an electric one, but retain the original outside as a ‘feature’. You can read all about the history of the business on their website.

They have a coffee shop on site, and it’s only 25 minutes or so from Woodfarm Barns. A growing number of our guests are visiting them, often taking in Wyken Vineyards and Thornham Walks on the same day.