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Debenham: Hoppit Woodland & Lake

Hoppit Wood & Lake

The Hoppit Woodland & Lake community project was acquired in 2004 using grant funding, and it has been planted and managed by the community, parish councillors, and the Greenlight Trust. They began with just a stubble field, and have undergone many hours of work to create a lake, and start planting up the land in phases. 

This is a real hidden gem that I happened to spot when leaving The Angel in the high street, Debenham. Heading North out of the village there is parking sign directing you to the right, and the wood is just a short walk beyond the crematorium.

The project is aimed at providing more habitat, an educational resource, angling facilities, and to provide woodland products from coppicing and other activities. They have planted a wildflower meadow, orchard, and a beautiful woodland that includes Field Maple, Oak, Hornbeam, and Ash. 

Hoppit Woodland & Lake provides a lovely walk that is totally unspoilt, with fantastic views of Debenham, it is a superb example of what a community can achieve. 

Altogether, the Debenham Hoppit Woodland is the ideal destination to head to if you’re seeking out an authentic experience of the British countryside. Replete with woodland and a stunning lake, visitors are able to easily relax and soak in their surroundings after taking a leisurely or lengthy stroll along the bank. For any budding anglers, the lake itself is home to various fish: in particular, you’ll find trench and carp in healthy supply here.   

Debenham Hoppit is also a great place to mess around in boats, with various operators offering rentals that can be easily acquired for those interested in exploring the waterways. No doubt one of the best ways of immersing yourself and removing any stress you might have brought with you, the experience of being on the water here is second to none. 

Expertly maintained by the Suffolk Wildlife Trust, the Woodland extends beyond 25 acres and offers trails of varying difficulties to make it an unmissable spot for any and all visitors. Though the Trust respectfully asks anyone visiting to refrain from feeding any wildlife they encounter along the way, the appearance of various species are sure to make an afternoon stroll all the more exciting. Specifically, the following wildlife calls Debenham Hoppit Woodland home:

  • Owls
  • Woodpeckers
  • Kingfishers
  • Rabbits
  • Squirrel
  • Deer

In addition to this varied wildlife, there’s also many kinds of flowers that are naturally occurring in this area to make the walk even more scenic. Ultimately, Debenham Hoppit Woodland is the perfect place to venture out to when on holiday in Suffolk. Providing the perfect environment to appreciate everything that the Suffolk countryside has to offer, we’re never shy about recommending this destination to anyone staying at one of our Barns or Barges to rent.

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Framlingham Castle & mere

Framlingham Castle

Sturdy old castle crowning historic Framlingham, a popular tourist destination

The walls of this historic building are built with flint. It’s a magnificent 12th century fortress with a long and colourful past which makes a fascinating family day out in Suffolk

Drop down to the mere for a lovely walk across the edge of Framlingham College (the owners)

Check out our gallery for for info on the mere, its flora and fauna

For more information visit their website

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Needham Lake

Needham Lake

This is a great walk around a picturesque lake, whatever the weather

Needham Lake is man-made, having originally been rough, open meadowland. During the 1970s gravel was extracted during the construction of the nearby A14 and the pit was flooded to form the lake, which is now managed by the local council

During the extraction, ice age discoveries were made and numerous evidence of pre-historic life! There’s a board near the car park giving more information on this, which makes a fascinating read!

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Flatford Mill

Flatford Mill

Beautiful river walk with Tea Rooms & Museum – Dedham to Flatford or vice versa. In the heart of Constable Country

Ok, just about dipping our toes into Essex but it still feels like Suffolk and it’s only 20 minutes down the road from Woodfarm Barns and a real hit with many of our holiday cottage guests

Flatford Mill is accessible by road and has a car park. It’s owned by the National Trust so if you’re not a member, it’s about £3 to park. It’s also accessible by foot along the river from Dedham, which is a gorgeous 25 minute walk (pay & display)


Footpath sign

There are some amazing walks in Suffolk, whether in-land near some of our beautiful historic villages and towns, or on the stunning Heritage Coast. From a gentle stroll or serious ramble, with or without dogs